With so many figures in our range, it is almost impossible for us to show you painted examples of each. In this section, though, you can see what some of our painters have done with our designs. We are always happy to see photographs of your work. If we like them enough, we will even feature them in this section! Make sure, though, that your photograph comes complete with your name and address. That means we can both credit you and return your picture.
If you do not paint figures yourself, we are always able to supply painted figures to you. Because of the wide variety of figure types available, prices vary and also change according to the painter.
We can supply figures in Super Connoisseur, Connoisseur or Toy Soldier finish. Prices start at about 75 euros/50.00/ US$80.00 for a foot figure in Super Connoisseur finish, 50 euros/35.00/US$60.00 for Connoisseur finish and 12 euros/900/ US$15.00 for toy soldier glossy finish. We will give specific quotes for any figure on request Just e-mall us with details.

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