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|| Home || The Wars of Napoleon (1793 1815)

Author: Emir Bukhari
Artist: Angus McBride
Figure Designers: Malcolm Dawson	(MA0001 to MA0003)
		  Dolf van Langen	(MA1039, MA5097, MA5098)
		  Gregori DeLache	(TY0018)

MA0001	Carabinier Officer, campaign dress, 1814		   A
MA0002	Carabinier Trooper, full dress, 1808		           A
MA0003	Trumpet-Major, 6th Cuirassiers, state livery, 1806	   A
MA1039	Marechal-des-logis, 2nd Cuirassiers, 1806		   A
MA5097	Trumpeter, 2nd Carabiniers, shaving, 1807		   A
MA5098	Trooper, 5th Cuirassiers, cleaning sword, 1811		   A
TY0018	Officer of Carabiniers, mounted, 1812-1815	           A x 4
MA5097  & MA5098 are supplied with scenic bases and 
        form part of a Grande Armee in Camp vignette.
        Other figures in this series are noted in the text.