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|| Home || After Waterloo to the Twentieth Century (1816 1901)

Author: Christopher Wilkinson-Latham
Artist: Michael Roffe
Figure Designers: Malcolm Dawson	(MA0004 to MA0006)
		  Keith Durham	        (MA0004A body)
		  Peter Rogerson	(MA1000)

MA0004	Trumpeter, 17th Lancers, mounted, 1900	                      A x 3
MA0004A	Sergeant, Mounted Infantry/Imperial Yeomanry, 1900	      A x 3
MA0005	Lieutenant, Naval Brigade, 1900		                      A
MA0006	Gunner's Mate, Naval Brigade, 1900		              A
MA1000	British Infantry Private, 1899 ("The Gentleman in Khaki")     A