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- THE GERMAN ARMY 1914-1918 -

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Authors: Robert Marrion and Don Fosten
Artist: Gerry Embleton
Figure Designers: Malcolm Dawson	(MA0051 to MA0053/54, MA0061)
		  Ben McRea	        (MA0975 to MA0984)
		  Roslyn Young	        (MA8047, MA8048)
		  Stephen Attwood	(EM0015)

MA0051	NCO, 5th Sturm Battalion, March 1918				A
MA0052	Private, Assault Company, 23rd Saxon Infantry, 1918		A
MA0053/54	 Assault Infantryman with seated, and wounded NCO,
	Bavarian Assault Troops, March 1918				A
MAG53	Diorama Base for MA0051,  MA0052, MA0053/54			m
MA0061	Trooper, 3rd Brandenburg Hussars, 1914				A
MA0975	Officer, 1st Masurian Infantry Regiment, Palestine, 1917	A
MA0976	Trooper, 5th Westphalian Uhlan Regiment, 1914 (mounted)		A x 3
MA0977	Trooper. 17th Prussian Guard Uhlans, Western Front, 1917	A
MA0978	NCO, 20th Uhlan Regiment, mounted, with optional anti-gas
	respirator for man & horse, 1917				A x 4
MA0980	German Askari, East Africa, 1914-1918				A
MA0981	Private, 55th (6th Westphalian) Infantry Regiment, 1914		A
MA0982	Officer, 1st Prussian Foot Guards, 1914				A
MA0983	Jaeger, 9th Lauernberg Jaeger Battalion, 1914			A
MA0984	Jaeger, Wurttemberg Mountain Battalion, in trench body
	armour and  assault equipment, 1918				A
MA8047	Leutnant Pilot, German Air Service, 1917			A
MA8048	Mechanic, German Air Service, 1917				A
EM0015	German Infantryman, 1917-1918 (one piece casting)		m