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|| Home || The Wars of Napoleon (1793 1815)

Author: Emir Bukhari
Artist: Angus McBride
Figure Designers: Malcolm Dawson	(MA0063 to MA0065)
		  Dolf van Langen	(MA0927 to MA0930, MA1036)
		  Gregori DeLache	(TY0016)

MA0063	Trumpet-Major, Dutch Lancers, full dress, 1811		   A
MA0064	Lithuanian Tartar, 1811			                   A
MA0065	Officer, German Light Horse, full dress, 1813		   A
MA0927	Trooper, Horse Grenadiers, 1806-1807		           A
MA0928	Chasseur a Cheval, campaign dress, 1804-1808		   A
MA0929	Polish Lancer, service dress, 1810-1814		           A
MA0930	Officer, 3rd Regiment, Gardes d'Honneur, 1814		   A-4D-
MA1036	Trooper of Mamelukes, 1808-1813		                   A
TY0015	Kettle-Drummer of Horse Grenadiers, circa 1804	           A x 5
TY0016	Lancier-Gendarme of the Guard, mounted, 1810-1812	   A x 4