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- THE BRITISH ARMY 1914-1918 -

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Authors: Robert Marrion and Don Fosten
Artist: Gerry Embleton
Figure Designers: Malcolm Dawson	(MA0066 to MA0070, MA1098, MA1099)
		  Ben McRea	        (MA00974, MA0979, MA1112)
		  Roger Saunders	(MA1100)

MA0066	Officer, London Scottish Rifles, Somme, 1916		  A
MA0067	Sergeant, 17th Lancers, seated, Western Front, 1917	  A
MA0068	Assistant Lewis Gunner, 2nd Bn., Duke of Wellington's
	Regiment, Western Front, 1918				  A
MA0069	Stretcher Bearer, RAMC, seated, 1918			  A
MA0070	Wounded Private, seated, 1st Bn., Essex Regiment, 1917-18 A
MAG70	Diorama Base for MA0068, MA0069, MA0070			  m
MA0974	Major, 1/6 Bn., Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Palestine, 1917	  A
MA0979	British Askari, East Africa, 1914-1918			  A
MA1098	Royal Flying Corps scout pilot, flying kit, 1917	  A
MA1099	Royal Flying Corps NCO observer, khaki, 1917		  A
MA1100	Infantry Pioneer, in steel helmet and rain cape, 1917	  A
MA1112	Subaltern, 5th Bn., Hampshire Regiment, Palestine, 1917	  A