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|| Home || The Wars of Napoleon (1793 1815)

Author: Emir Bukhari
Artist: Chris Warner
Figure Designers: Graham Cattle	  (MA0079)
		  Gregori DeLache (MA0386 to MA0411, 
                  MA0537 to MA0539, and TY0001 to TY0015)
		  Chris May	   (MA5080, MA5081, MA1182, MA1183)

MA0079	Napoleon Bonaparte, seated in camp chair, 1812		    A
MA0386	Bessieres, as Colonel-General of the Guard, 1811	    A
MA0387	Davout, in campaign dress, 1813		                    A
MA0388	Lannes, in the uniform of Colonel-General of the Swiss 
	Regiments of the Grande Armee, 1809		            A
MA0389	Mortier, in undress riding uniform, 1814		    A
MA0390	Oudinot, in redincote, 1809			            A
MA0391	Berthier, in campaign dress and redincote, 1814		    A
MA0392	Gouvion-St-Cyr, as Colonel-General of Cuirassiers, 1811	    A
MA0393	Murat, in the uniform of Colonel of Cuirassiers
	of the Kingdom of Naples, 1809		                    A
MA0394	Suchet, in manteau trois-quart and campaign dress, 1812	    A
MA0395	Victor, in full dress riding uniform, 1814		    A
MA0396	Lefebvre, in ceremonial full dress, 1812		    A
MA0397	Brune, in full dress riding uniform, 1807		    A
MA0398	Jourdan, in full dress riding uniform, 1808		    A
MA0399	Kellerman, in ceremonial full dress, 1805		    A
MA0400	Massena, in full dress riding uniform, 1808		    A
MA0401	Poniatowski, in Polish Light Cavalry uniform, 1813	    A-4E-
MA0402	Soult, in the dress uniform of the Guard Chasseurs, 1814    A
MA0403	Serurier, in undress riding uniform, 1811		    A
MA0404	MacDonald, in campaign dress, 1814		            A
MA0405	Ney, in campaign dress, 1814		                    A
MA0406	Augereau, in ceremonial full dress, 1811		    A
MA0407	Bernadotte, as Crown Prince & General of Sweden, 1810       A
MA0408	Grouchy, in campaign dress, 1815		
MA0409	Marmont, as Colonel-General of Hussars and Chasseurs, 1813  A
MA0410	Perignon, in ceremonial uniform as Governor of Naples, 1808 A
MA0411	Moncey, as Colonel-General, Garde Nationale de Paris, 1814  A
MA0537	Napoleon Bonaparte, in riding coat, mounted, 1812	    A x 4
MA0538	Napoleon Bonaparte, as Lieutenant of Artillery, 1793	    A
MA0539	Napoleon Bonaparte, in General's uniform, 1799		    A
MA1182	Napoleon Bonaparte, 1812-1815		                    A
MA1183	Napoleon Bonaparte, in greatcoat, 1812-1813		    A
MA5080	Joachim Murat, Eylau, 1807		                    A
MA5081	Captain Manhes, ADC to Murat, Eylau, 1807		    A
TY0001	General Henri-Jacques Clarke, Minister of War, 1809	    A
TY0002	General Etienne Champion, Leipzig, 1813		            A
TY0003	General Baron de Saint Maurice, Waterloo, 1815		    A
TY0004	General Jean Lepaige, Count Dorsenne, Essling, 1809	    A
TY0005	General Cambronne, Essling, 1809		            A
TY0006	General Collinet, Count Lasalle, Essling, 1809		    A
TY0007	General Jean Rapp, ADC to the Emperor, 1805		    A
TY0008	Colonel Marnier, ADC to General Rapp, 1805		    A
TY0009	General's ADC in 'grande tenue', 1805-1809	 	    A
TY0010	Marshal's ADC in 'petite tenue', 1805-1809		    A
TY0011	Marshal Ney, mounted on weary horse, Russia, 1812 	    A x  4
TY0012	Marshal Mortier, on galloping horse, in the uniform of
	Colonel-General of Artillery and of the Seamen of the 
        Imperial Guard, 1814	                                    A x 4
TY0013	General Junot, mounted, Colonel-General of Hussars, 1813    A x 4
TY0014	General Colbert, in Lancer uniform, mounted, 1815	    A x 4