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|| Home || The Wars of Napoleon (1793 1815)

Author: Otto von Pivka
Artist: Richard Hook
Figure Designers: Ray Brown	(MA0157 to MA0159)
		  Roslyn Young	(MA0160 to MA0162)

MA0157	Trumpeter of Hussars, mounting horse, 1806	             A x 3
MA0158	Grenadier, 4th Line Infantry, 1806		             A
MA0159	Captain, Horse Artillery, 1801-1804		             A
MA0160	Subaltern, Grenadier Garde, full dress, 1815		     A
MAA0161	Subaltern, 1st Chevau-Legere, Regiment 'Kronprinz', 1809     A
MA0162	Drum-Major, 1st Fusilier Regiment, 1790-1799		     A