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|| Home || The Wars of Napoleon (1793 1815)

Author: Emir Bukhari
Artist: Angus McBride
Figure Designers: Peter Rogerson	(MA0236 & MA0237, MA0327 to MA0332)
		  Gregori DeLache	(TY0017)
		  Dolf van Langen	(MA5038)

MA0236	Brigadier, Elite Company, 22nd Dragoons, 1810		   A
MA0237	Trumpeter, Elite Company, 5th Lancers, 1812		   A
MA0327	Chef de Sapeurs, 19th Dragoons, 1810		           A
MA0328	Sous-Lieutenant,, 9th Dragoons, 1805		           A
MA0329	Trooper, 4th Dragoons, campaign dress, 1809-1812	   A
MA0330	Musician, 16th Dragoons, parade dress, 1810		   A
MA0331	Colonel, 12th Dragoons, campaign dress, 
        mounted on standing horse, 1814	                           A x 3
MA0332	Trumpeter, Elite Company, 1st Lancers,
        mounted on standing horse, 1815	                           A x 3-4C-