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- ROME'S ENEMIES (1): Germanics & Dacians -

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OSP129 - ROME'S ENEMIES (1): Germanics & Dacians		
Author: Peter Wilcox
Artist: Gerry Embleton
Figure Designer: Ray Brown

MA0307	German Legionary, Roman Army, bare-headed, 350 AD	A
MA0308	German Legionary, Roman Army, in helmet, 350 AD		A
MA0309	Dacian Chief, 2nd Century AD		                A
MA0310	Marcomanni Chief, 2nd Century AD		        A
MA0311	Gothic Chief, 4th Century AD		                A
MA0312	Frankish Warrior, charging, 4th/5th Century AD		A
MA0313	'Anglo-Saxon' Chieftain, 5th Century AD		        A
MA0314	Germanic Warrior and Roman Infantryman, circa 200 AD	A x 2
MA0314A	Germanic Warrior, 2nd/3rd Centuries AD		        A
MA0314B	Roman Legionary, 2nd/3rd Centuries AD		        A
MA0315	Frankish Warrior and Roman Auxiliary, circa 270 AD	A x 2
MA0315A	Frankish Warrior, 2nd/4th Centuries AD		        A
MA0315B	Roman Auxiliary Infantryman, 2nd/4th Centuries AD       A
MA0316	Gothic Warrior, struggling with Roman Auxiliary 
        Signifier, 2nd/4th Centuries AD	                        A x 2