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- THE SCYTHIANS, 700-300 BC -

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OSP137 - THE SCYTHIANS, 700-300 BC	
Authors: Dr E N Cernenko and Dr M V Gorelik
Artist: Angus McBride
Figure Designers: Ray Brown	     (MA0350 to MA0355)
		  Gregori De Lache   (MA0356 to MA0359)

MA0350	Scythian King, 4th Century BC		                             A
MA0351	Scythian Warrior, 4th Century BC		                     A
MA0352	Scythian Nobleman, 4th Century BC		                     A
MA0353	Scythian Warrior, on horseback, late 6th/early 5th Century BC	     A x 3
MA0354	Scythian Warrior, waving scalp, with dead Thracian Warrior, 
        4th Century BC                               	                     A x 2
MA0354  Scythian Warrior, holding enemy scalp, 4th Century BC		     A
MA0355	Sindo-Meithic Nobleman, 5th Century BC		                     A
MA0356	Scythian Noblewoman, armed with bow, 4th Century BC		     A
MA0357	Scythian Armoured Warrior, late 5th/early 4th Century BC	     A
MA0358	Scythian King,in ceremonial robes, on horseback, 4th Century BC	     A x 3
MA0359	Scythian Queen, in court robes, with young Prince, 4th Century BC    A