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|| Home || The Wars of Napoleon (1793 1815)

Author: Philip Haythornwaite
Artist: Bryan Fosten
Figure Designers: Gregori DeLache  (MA370 to MA377)
   		  Ben McRea 	   (MA1195)

MA0370	Fusilier, 43rd Line Infantry, 1792		           A
MA0371	Voltigeur, 3rd Line Infantry, 1809		           A
MA0372	Hornist of Voltigeurs, 18th Line Infantry, 1809		   A
MA0373	Major, 100th Line Infantry, 1809		           A
MA0374	Fusilier, 70th Line Infantry, 1813		           A
MA0375	Sergeant-Major, with cased eagle, 1805		           A
MA0376	2nd Port-Aigle, 8th Line Infantry, 1811		           A
MA0377	Drummer in Imperial Livery 96th Line Infantry, 1806	   A
MA1195	Private, 30th Line Infantry, Retreat from Moscow, 1812	   A*
* = To be released during 1999