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|| Home || The Wars of Napoleon (1793 1815)

Author: Philip Haythornwaite
Artist: Bryan Fosten
Figure Designers: Gregori DeLache  (MA531 to MA536)
		  Ben McRea 	   (MA1192-MA1194)

MA0531	Seaman of the Guard, campaign dress, 1807		   A
MA0532	Trumpeter, Seamen of the Guard, full dress, 1808	   A
MA0533	Private, Fusiliers-Grenadiers, campaign dress, 1813	   A
MA0534	Surgeon of Tirailleurs, 1813			           A
MA0535	Staff Officer, Young Guard, 1814		           A
MA0536	Officer, Flanquers-Chasseurs, 1813		           A
MA1192	Pioneer, field uniform, Imperial Guard, France, 1806	   A*
MA1193	Trumpeter, Horse Artillery of the Imperial Guard,
	France, 1809			                           A*
MA1194	Grenadier, 3rd (Dutch) Regiment of the Imperial Guard,
	Russian Campaign, 1812			                   A*
TY0020	Mounted Officer, Marines of the Guard, 1810-1814	   A x 4
* = To be released during 1999