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|| Home || The Ancient World and the European Dark Ages (BC to 1066)

Author: Ian Heath
Artist: Angus McBride
Figure Designers: Peter Rogerson	(MA0540 to MA0542)
		  Malcolm Dawson 	(MA0543, PC0002)
		  Stephen Attwood	(EM0016)

MA0540	Eastern Viking, 10th-11th Centuries		                           A
MA0541	Viking Warrior in battle with 'skraeling' (American Indian), 11th Century  A x 2
MA0542	Viking Woman, 9th-10th Centuries		                           A
MA0543	Mounted Viking Warrior, carrying bound female captive, 9th-10th Centuries  A x 4
EM0016	Viking Warrior, 800 AD (one piece casting)		                   m
PC0002	Viking-Celtic Pagan Lady with child, circa 900 AD		           A
PC0003	Viking-Celtic Pagan Lady, with child & female servant	                   A x 3