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Authors: Samuel Katz and Lee Russell
Artist: Ron Volstad
Figure Designer: Peter Rogerson

MA0570	Israeli Infantryman, Golani Brigade, 1982		A
MA0571	Israeli Kfir C-2 Pilot, June 1982			A
MA0572	Israeli Military Policeman, Ansar Camp, October, 1982	A
MA0573	Militiaman, Major Haddad's 'South Lebanese Army', 1982	A
MA0574	PFLP Guerilla, Damour, June, 1982			A
MA0575	Druze Militiaman, Aley, February, 1984			A
MA0576	French Paratrooper, 3RIPM, Beirut, October, 1983	A
MA0577	Italian Marine, 'San Marco' Battalion, Beirut, 1982	A