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Authors: Martin Windrow and Wayne Braby
Artist: Kevin Lyles
Figure Designers: Gregori DeLache	(MA0581 to MA0586)
		  Ray Brown		(EM0010 to EM0012)

MA0581	Soldat, 1ere CIPLE, parade dress, Hanoi, 1952					A
MA0582	Capitaine, 1ere BEP, parade dress, Hanoi, 1951					A
MA0583	Sergent, section leader, 2e REP, Djibouti, 1979					A
MA0584	Cpl-chef, team leader, 2e REP, Tchad, 1984					A
MA0585	Gren-Voltigeur, CCS, 2e REP, Beirut, 1982 (90mm Figure)				A x 3
MA0586	Caporal, 2e REP, 'tenue de tradition', Calvi, 1982				A
EM0010	Private, French Foreign Legion, Indo-China, 1954 (one piece casting)		m
EM0011	Private, French Foreign Legion, Sahara Coy., 1960 (one piece casting)		m
EM0012	Private, French Foreign Legion, Kolwezi, 1975 (one piece casting)		m