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- BRUNSWICK TROOPS 1809-1815 -

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Author: Otto von Pivka
Artist: Bryan Fosten
Figure Designer: Gregori DeLache

MA0592	Trooper, Brunswick Hussars, mounted on standing horse, 1813
	(restricted to 500 castings)	                             A x 5
MA0593	Officer, Brunswick Hussars, dismounted with horse, 1813
	(restricted to 500 castings)	                             A x 5
MA592SET	MA0592, MA0593 and MA0597 as boxed set	             A x 10
MA0594	Field Officer, 1st Line Battalion, 1815		             A
MA0595	Private, Light Infantry, Avantgarde, Quatre Bras, 1815	     A
MA0596	Officer, Uhlan Squadron, Quatre Bras, 1815		     A
MA0597	The Duke of Brunswick, 1815		                     A