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|| Home || After Waterloo to the Twentieth Century (1816 1901)

Author: Philip Haythornwaite
Artist: Paul Hannon
Figure Designers: Gregori DeLache	(MA0612 to MA0619)
		  Dolf van Langen	(MA1068 to MA1072)

MA0612	Lieutenant Colonel William B Travis, 1836		      A
MA0613	Colonel David Crockett, Alamo, 1836		              A
MA0614	Colonel James Bowie, Alamo, 1836		              A
MA0615	Texian Defender, Alamo, 1836		                      A
MA0616	Mexican Infantry Officer, 1835-1836		              A
MA0617	Mexican Infantry Private, 1835-1836	                      A + 10 %
        This is a multi-piece casting; each pack contains head, 
        torso, four arms and four legs and musket and can thus 
        be used to create a number of different poses
MA0618	MA0612 to MA0616 plus 6 of MA0617	                      A x 11
MA0619	MA0617 x 6		                                      A x 6
MA1068	Volunteer, ex-US Army, 1835-1836		              A
MA1069	Sapper, Mexican Regular Cavalry, 1835-1836 (mounted)	      A x 3
MA1070	Lancer, Mexican Presidial Companies, 1835-1836		      A
MA1071	Grenadier, Mexican Infantry, 1835-1836		              A
MA1072	Trooper, Mexican Light Cavalry, 1835-1836		      A