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- AMERICAN CIVIL WAR ARMIES: 5 - Volunteers & Militia -

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Author: Philip Katcher
Artist: Ron Volstad
Figure Designers: Jay Arliss Hyde	(MA0744 to MA0768)
		  Ray Brown	        (EM0006 and EM0007)
		  Malcolm Dawson	(CV0083)

MA0744	Captain, National Lancers, Massacheusetts, 1861		  A
MA0745	Corporal, Governor's Foot Guard, Connecticut, 1861	  A
MA0746	Private, Putnam Phalanx, Connecticut, 1861		  A
MA0747	Lieutenant, 3rd Regiment (Hussars), NYSM, 1861		  A
MA0748	Private, 7th Regiment, NYSM, 1861		          A
MA0749	Sergeant, New York City Guard, 1861		          A
MA0750	Private, Washington Grays of New York, 1861		  A
MA0751	Sergeant, The American Guard, New York, 1861		  Ax-5J-

OSP207 - American Civil War Armies 5: Volunteers & Militia
MA0752	Sergeant, 79th (Cameron Highlanders) Regiment, NYSM, 1861 A
MA0753	Private, Cadwalader Grays, Pennsylvania, 1861		  A
MA0754	Private, National Rifles, District of Columbia, 1861	  A
MA0755	Corporal, 1st City Zouaves, Pennsylvania, 1861		  A
MA0756	Captain, Lynchburg Home Guard, Virginia, 1862		  A
MA0757	Private, Richmond Grays, Virginia, 1861			  A
MA0758	Corporal, City Guard, Virginia, 1861			  A
MA0759	Private, Guildford Grays, North Carolina, 1861		  A
MA0760	Private, Washington Light Infantry, South Carolina, 1861  A
MA0761	Lieutenant, Clinch Rifles, Georgia, 1861		  A
MA0762	Private, Montgomery True Blues, Alabama, 1861		  A
MA0763	Private, Washington Light Artillery, Louisiana, 1861	  A
MA0764	Sergeant, Tom Green Rifles, Texas, 1861			  A
MA0765	Lieutenant, Chicago Light Guard, Illinois, 1861		  A
MA0766	Guthrie Grays, Ohio, 1861				  A
MA0767	Sergeant, Stockton Blues, California, 1861		  A
MA0768	Lady and Child (separate figures) 1861-1865		  A
EM0006	Sergeant, 4th Texas Infantry, 1861 (one piece casting)	  m
EM0007	Private, 5th New York Volunteers, 1861 (one piece casting)m
CV0083	Trooper, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Rush's Lancers), Army 
	of the United States, and a trooper, 1st Virginia Cavalry,
	Confederate States Army, jointly attempting
	to capture a wild turkey, Christmas 1862	          A x 4