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Author: Ian Knight
Artist: Angus McBride
Figure Designers: Peter Rogerson (MA0778 to MA0789, MA0801 to MA0807)
		  Ray Brown	(EM0008)
MA0778	Warrior, Mbonabi Regiment, charging, 1830-1880		      A
MA0779	Warrior, uDhloko Regiment, charging, 1830-1880		      A-5C-
MA0780	Warrior, Mbelebele Regiment, charging, 1830-1880	      A
MA0781	Warrior, iNdluyengwe Regiment,charging, 1830-1880	      A
MA0782	Warrior, Thulwana Regiment, fighting crouch, 1879	      A
MA0783	Warrior, iNgobamakhosi Regt., fighting crouch, 1879	      A
MA0784	Warrior, Isipezi Regiment, fighting crouch, 1879	      A
MA0785	Warrior, Mtuyisazwe Regiment, fighting pose, 1830-1880	      A
MA0786	Cetshwayo, or Zulu Prince, fighting pose, 1830-1880	      A
MA0787	Warrior, uKhandempemwu Corps, with assegai, 1879	      A
MA0788	Warrior, Fasimba Regiment, with knobkerrie, 1830-1880	      A
MA0789	Warrior, Indlondo Regiment, brandishing rifle, 1879	      A
MA0801	Officer, 24th Foot, firing pistol, 1879		              A
MA0802	Private, 24th Foot, firing rifle, 1879		              A
MA0803	Private, 24th Foot, loading rifle, 1879		              A
MA0804	Private, 24th Foot, removing cartridge from pouch, 1879	      A
MA0805	Private, 24th Foot, lunging with bayonet, 1879		      A
MA0806	Private, 24th Foot, parrying with rifle, 1879		      A
MA0807	Private, 24th Foot, stabbing with fixed bayonet, 1879	      A
EM0008	Zulu Warrior, 1879 (one piece casting)		              m