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Author: Michael Barthorp
Artist: Pierre Turner
Figure Designers: Peter Rogerson	(MA0796 to MA0800, MA0839 and MA0840)
		  Malcolm Dawson	(CV0082)
All of these figures are shown in the Home Service Full Dress uniform
MA0796	Captain, 5th Dragoon Guards, 1914			A
MA0797	Corporal, 11th Hussars, 1914				A
MA0798	Private, 9th Lancers, 1914				A
MA0799	Captain, 1st Bn., Northamptonshire Regt., 1914		A
MA0800	Private, 2nd Bn., Royal Scots Fusiliers, 1914		A
MA0839	Sergeant, 2/King's Royal Rifle Corps, 1914		A
MA0840	Bugler, 2/King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 1914	A
CV0082	British Hussar NCO, ice-skating, in patrol jacket; 
	officer's lady and daughter gaze in horror as the NCO,
	whilst saluting, is about to be tripped by a cat, 
	circa 1895						A x 5