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|| Home || The Later Years (1902 to 1945)

Author: Ray Westlake
Artist: Mike Chappell
Figure Designers: Ben McRea	        (MA0962 to MA0966, MA1001)
		  Malcolm Dawson	(MA1094)

MA0962	Corporal, East Riding of Yorks Yeomanry, 1914			A
MA0963	Sergeant, 1/1st Welsh Horse, Suez, 1915				A
MA0964	Sergeant Drummer, 15th Battalion, London Regiment, 1914		A
MA0965	Private, 2nd Battalion, London Regiment, 1914			A
MA0966	Principal Matron, Territorial Forces' Nursing Service, 1915	A
MA1001	Private, 10th Battalion, King's (Liverpool) Regiment, 1914	A
MA1094	Sergeant, 2/19 Battalion, London Regiment, Palestine, 1917	A