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- US CAVALRY 1865-1890-

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Author: Martin Pegler
Artists: David Sque & Peter Sarson
Figure Designer: Peter Rogerson

MA1156	US Cavalry officer, with drawn sabre, firing pistol, 1885		A
MA1157	US Cavalry trooper, standing, firing rifle, 1885			A
MA1158	US Cavalry trooper, kneeling, firing rifle, 1885			A
MA1159	US Cavalry trooper, firing pistol, 1885					A
MA1160	US Cavalry trooper, struggling with Apache Indian, 1885			A
MA1161	US Cavalry trooper, struggling with Plains Indian, 1880			A
MA1162	US Cavalry Trooper, wounded on ground, firing pistol, 1885		A
MA1157-MA1162 are supplied with separate heads to depict both white and black troopers