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Author: Philip Katcher
Artist: Ron Volstad
Figure Designers: Rob Avery	(MA0602 to MA0604)
		Chuck Havers	(MA1221 to MA1224)
		Jay Arliss Hyde	(Remainder)

MA0602	Private, 2nd Maryland Zouave Regiment, 1862		         A
MA0603	Major of Artillery, in frock coat and kepi, 1864		 A
MA0604	Infantry Private in greatcoat with cape, 1865		         A
MA0650	Infantry Private in fur hat and greatcoat, 1865		         A
MA0669	Infantryman, marching/advancing, rifle at slope		         A
MA0670	Infantryman, marching/advancing, rifle at high port		 A
MA0671	Infantryman, marching/advancing, rifle at trail		         A
MA0672	Infantryman, charging, rifle at high port		         A
MA0673	Infantryman, charging, rifle at lunge		                 A
MA0678	Infantryman, standing & firing		                         A
MA0679	Infantryman, reaching for cartridge		                 A-5F-

OSP169 - US Civil War Armies: 1 - Confederate
MA0680	Infantryman, biting cartridge 		                         A
MA0681	Infantryman, ramming cartridge		                         A
MA1863	Set of 6 MA0669		                                         A x 5
MA2863	Set of 6 MA0670		                                         A x 5
MA3863	Set of 6 MA0671		                                         A x 5
MA4863	Set of two each MA0669, MA0670, MA0671	                         A x 5
MA1864	Set of 6 MA0672		                                         A x 5
MA2864	Set of 6 MA0673		                                         A x 5
MA1866	Set of 3 MA0678 and one each of MA0679 to MA0681	         A x 5
MA0693	Cavalry Officer, on charging horse	                  A x 3
MA0694	Cavalry Officer, on trotting horse	                  A x 3
MA0695	Cavalry Officer, on standing horse	                  A x 3
MA0696	Cavalry Trooper, on charging horse	                  A x 3
MA0697	Cavalry Trooper, on trotting horse	                  A x 3
MA0698	Cavalry Trooper, on standing horse	                  A x 3
MA0702	Cavalry Sergeant, with guidon, on charging horse	  A x 3
MA0703	Cavalry Sergeant, with guidon, on trotting horse	  A x 3
MA0704	Cavalry Sergeant, with guidon, on standing horse	  A x 3
MA1108	Confederate Bugler, standing horse, 1861-1865	          A x 3
MA1109	Confederate Bugler, trotting horse, 1861-1865	          A x 3
MA1110	Confederate Bugler, galloping horse, 1861-1865	          A x 3
MA1224	Confederate Sniper, 'Devil's Den', Gettysburg, 1863 
	(with scenic base)	                                  A x 2*
MA1225	Confederate Infantryman, standing, playing banjo, 1863	  A*
MA1226	Confederate Infantryman, standing, playing trumpet, 1863  A*
MA1227	Confederate Infantryman, standing, playing drum, 1863	  A*
MA1228	Confederate Infantryman, standing, playing violin, 1863	  A*
* = To be released during 1999

Special Pamphlets from New Hope Design
FLP001	54mm Scale Flags - National, Headquarters & Personal
	Flags of the American Civil War (includes basic infantry
	regimental flags and cavalry guidons)		                A
FLP002	54mm Scale Flags - Confederate Infantry Regiments		A
These flag drawings are for use with 54mm figures.   
The drawings in the pamphlets can either
be cut out or traced.   Both sides of the flag are shown; 
painted and wrapped round the standard
pole, they give a highly accurate rendering of the original.